Shine Your Light on Autism

Supporting the ASD Community Since 2017

Shine Your Light on Autism

Supporting the ASD Community Since 2017

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An Organization Dedicated to Autism Education

AJ’S PIECE OF THE PUZZLE aims to help raise awareness about autism spectrum disorder (ASD). We want to help support the idea that necessary intervention is provided for all children and families living with the condition.

What Is ASD?

ASD is a complex group of neurodevelopmental disorders that affect communication, social interaction, and repetitive behaviors to varying degrees.

Our Why

Our son AJ was officially diagnosed with ASD in February 2015. We started intervention at 18 months because we were blessed to have switched him to a new pediatrician who noted symptoms at his first visit with her.

Early intervention is key, but any intervention is a must to help secure the future of our children living with ASD.

Going Beyond Autism Awareness Month

We believe that education and intervention need to be stressed and highlighted every day, so we set out to do more than just celebrate autism awareness month every April.

Building a Supportive Community

1 in 44 children is affected with ASD, and 100% of those kids deserve and need all the love and support they can get.

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Join AJ in Giving Back

We invite you to join AJ on his mission to give back to the ASD community. Your donation will go toward helping families with day-to-day expenses while on their journey with ASD. Your contributions will also support other nonprofits that help the ASD and Special Needs community.